Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tipster Tuesday: Rebates

What is a rebate?  A rebate is a product rebate which must be redeemed by mail. Mail in rebates may be offered by a manufacturer or store for purchases of a particular brand of product or for purchases over a certain amount. Products that come with a mail in rebate are usually clearly labeled to alert consumers that they can receive cash back on their purchases if they are willing to go through the process of submitting a rebate by mail.

When handling a mail in rebate, you should take a few steps to ensure that you get your rebate. Always make a copy of the receipt and rebate form after you fill it out and keep them until the rebate has arrived as proof that the form was filled out and submitted. Most rebate forms indicate a time period of when you can expect your rebate to arrive. Be sure to note on your calendar the date you mailed the rebate and the rebates anticipated arrival as a reminder. 

My friend Greta over at Friend Family Fun has your Rebate Roundup! She has taken the time to compile a list of info and deal ideas for current mail in rebates to give you ultimate savings!

Rebates are a great way to earn extra money and save you money on items you would normally buy anyway. Plus it's exciting to open your mailbox and find a rebate check or gift card several weeks or months later! =)

Happy Savings!

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