Sunday, June 27, 2010

Super Savings Saturday: Saved 60% at Publix!

Sorry I'm a little late posting, but here is what I bought at Publix this week:

4 Starbucks ice cream
3 Bacardi Mixers
2 Eggo Waffles
17 jars Earth's Best baby food
2 Tombstone Pizzas
12 Juice Juice
2 Lysol
1 Publix Hummus
1 Tostitos
1 Raspberries
1 Blueberries
1 Publix Eggs
1 1/2 lbs Peaches
3 lbs Zucchini & Squash
2 Vegetable Oil
1 Tropicana OJ

Total Before Sales and Coupons: $138.55
Special Price Savings: $64.56
Store Coupons: $4
Manufacturer and Competitor Coupons: $9.29
Total amount saved: $77.85
Princess & Frog Rebate Check: $5.00
Total OOP after Sales, Coupons, and Rebate: $55.70 which is 60% savings!

I really wanted to make another trip to score more FREE berries, but unfortunately never had a chance to make it back by Publix. Overall I'm happy with my savings this week. I didn't have many coupons, but I stocked up on enough Juice Juice for the kids to make it until the next BOGO sale and hopefully this will be the LAST baby food purchase.

Who says being frugal can't be fun? =)

I would love to hear how you saved this week. Please feel free to share your savings too!

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